Crypto Alerts — Why Speed Matters

Like any currency, crypto coins (such as Bitcoin BTC or Ethereum ETH) are constantly changing in value. The value fluctuates with regularity and it can be quite difficult to predict which way they’ll shift next.

Whether you are new to investing or have been doing it for a while, you can find yourself in dangerous waters if you don’t keep an eye on the market you’re invested in. You’ll notice in the press that sometimes crypto plunges and other times it soars. If you don’t monitor what’s happening, you won’t be able to respond to it with rapidity and wisdom. You can avoid being reactive and switch to adopting an investor’s mindset — someone always looking forward and responding proactively — by using alerts.

What Are Crypto Alerts?

Crypto alerts are real-time notifications you receive to your device. The alerts can notify you on a number of things, such as when your investment reaches upper or lower price targets, when the value of a coin changes, or if there has been a percentage change. Effective crypto alerts can help you stay on top of your investment, so that even if you’re away from your home, on holiday, picking your kids up from school or hanging out with friends, you can manage your crypto portfolio without missing vital changes or updates.

Why does speed matter?

Waiting until you get home, log onto your desktop and check your portfolio could mean you miss vital changes to the crypto market — many of which may impact your investment in real ways. Additionally, many services only check crypto prices once per minute, which is way to slow in such a volatile market. retrieves real-time crypto prices and checks for alert triggers more than 8 times per second.

There are two problems with failing to get (and respond to) instant crypto alerts:

  1. Missed opportunities. If there was an opportunity to sell your crypto coin and purchase a different coin based on data informing you that this would be financially beneficial, you’ll have missed out on potential profits. You may also find that you can benefit from a pricing dip by making a crypto purchase at an affordable price during this dip, in anticipation that it will increase in value and bring you profit. You can’t know about this dip if you are busy doing something other than monitoring the market. That’s one reason crypto alerts are so advantageous — they can bring you real profits — real value.
  2. Loss. If you don’t know when your crypto has decreased in value, you won’t know how or when to act on that. Then, left as it is, you could find that it decreases even more to the point where you’re taking a loss or additional risk.

How do I get crypto alerts?

Getting crypto alerts couldn’t be easier. You can sign up to a 7-day free trial by clicking here and select the annual or monthly payment plan. There is no obligation to continue on to a paid membership, but we are certain that once you see how beneficial crypto real-time alerts are, you will want to carry on benefiting.

Once you have an account, you can customize your profile to ensure you only receive the real-time alerts you want. For example, you can set lower and upper price limits that are then automatically triggered by the market. You’ll receive this alert to your phone or chosen device and can then choose whether or not to take action.

We support the activity of more than 8000 cryptocurrencies, so no matter which crypto you’re into, we will have you covered. We are always adding more cryptocurrencies as they are developed.

Not only that, but we offer strong customer support so that you can have your questions answered quickly. You can email us on



We retrieve real-time crypto prices for 11,992 cryptocurrencies and check for pricing triggers more than 8 times per second.

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We retrieve real-time crypto prices for 11,992 cryptocurrencies and check for pricing triggers more than 8 times per second.